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Rodrigo and Sons was incorporated in 1977. It was established under the patronage of Mr. Senarath Rodrigo who acted as the founder and inaugural chairman. Mr. Senerath Rodrigo's vision for the company was supported immensely by his wife Mrs. Malini Rodrigo.The company had humble beginnings as it started on a small scale as a mould making company with only one lathe machine. Now, three decades down the road, it has emerged as one of the leading mould makers in Sri Lanka.

As the business gained more success it began to expand and diversify into other related branches such as plastic manufacturing. The company is also accredited with introducing the first hand operated injection moulding machine in Sri Lanka. It was a pioneer in the field of plastic manufacturing in this country. It further diversified into 'blow moulding manufacturing' and has acquired the latest technology and is up to date with the constant developments in the field.

At the formative stages of the indusry, Mr. Senarath Rodrigo shared his knowlege, expertise and technology with the other aspiring entrepreneurs to help them climb the industrial ladder and most of today's giants in the plastic manufacturing industry benefited from Mr. Rodrigo's generosity at the beginning.

We also now have two subsidiaries, namely Rodsons Pvt Ltd which specializes in injection moulding and possesses eighteen machines and Rodsons blow products which specializes in blow moulding and currently possesses five machines.

Vision & Mission

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To be the Futuristic Leader in the Industry and the Number One Manufacturer of Plastics and Moulds with the Latest Technology.


To Acquire the Latest Machinery, be Updated on the Latest Technology Extending to the Customer a Hassle Free In-House Service from the Mould to the Finished Product and Deliver Products Designed for Tomorrow, Today.

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We focus on creation of endless potential possibilities in plastics & mould market in Sri Lankan blooming economy with the latest technology expending to the customer hasantly in house service from the mould to the finished product & deliver products designed for tomorrow... today…

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